Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Customer will take all necessary precautions with respect to rented items and will protect all persons and property from injury and damage. Customer agrees to hold Luigis Rentals LLC harmless against any and all liability, claims, judgments, attorneys' fees and costs, of every kind and nature, including but not limited to injury or death to persons and damage to property, arising out of the use, maintenance, instruction, possession, ownership or rental of the rented items.


Customer is fully aware and acknowledges that there is a risk of injury or damage arising from the use or operation of the items rented hereunder and elects to voluntarily accept this rental agreement and assume all of the foregoing risks of injury or damage. Customer agrees and releases Luigis Rentals LLC from any and all liability or obligation for such injury or damage arising out of the use or operation of the rental items. Customer further agrees to waive, release and discharge any and all claims for injury or damage against Luigis Rentals LLC that customer might otherwise be entitled to assert.


A $50 deposit is required to reserve inventory for your event and the balance of the contract is due prior to installation/delivery. In the event of cancellation, ANY deposit left on an order is non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances or reasons for cancellation. Adjustments to orders are allowed up to 7 days prior to delivery. If you choose to cancel any item/items on your order, there will be a 50% restocking fee for each item. No credit will be given for unused items. Unless the order has been confirmed and booked, all prices and availability are subject to change. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE OUR SERVICES TO ANYONE


Customer agrees to have the site on which the rental items are to be placed, free and clear of all obstructions, natural and man-made (i.e. mowed grass, off-road vehicles, concrete washout, etc.) prior to the arrival of the Luigis Rentals LLC Work Crew. If Customer fails to do so, Customer shall pay all costs involved for any delays, additional rental and all costs, including collection and legal fees.


Luigis Rentals LLC requires someone on site must inform us where to place the rental items. Once the items are placed in the first position agreed upon by the customer and Luigis Rentals LLC, we do not move them again. There will be a $100 fee if the customer requests to move the rental items to another location or position.

Additional fees will apply for difficult access (stairs, elevator, long distances from the delivery truck, etc.). If drivers arrive at the event during the requested time period written in the contract and are unable to obtain the property from Luigis Rentals LLC, the customer must pay an additional fee for next day pick-up.


All items will be delivered and picked up at a designated location. Minimum delivery charges are based on location and 6 to 8 hour delivery periods with non-same day pickups

Same day or late night pick-ups can be arranged for additional charges. Deliveries and pick-ups from specific time slots can be arranged for additional charges.

Deliveries with specific time slots do not guarantee a specific arrival, but guarantee arrival with a specific time slot. Please note that there will be some delays due to traffic or other emergencies. As a specific time window we will prioritize and respect the time frame in which the customer agreed upon.

Los clientes deben estar presentes durante todo el período de entrega. Los pedidos se entregarán solo si el costo de los artículos alquilados, excluyendo los gastos de envío y la mano de obra, es de al menos $ 75. (El mínimo es diferente para cada ciudad

Call us directly to find the minimum for your city.) Luigis Rentals LLC offers equipment installation / breakdown services for additional charges.

The "ground level delivery" is defined as:

Delivery to a ground level location on a flat, hard surface, within twenty-five (25) feet of the nearest loading area with no steps or obstructions. Luigis Rentals LLC assesses additional charges when delivery conditions cause us to incur additional labor costs, including, but not limited to:

deliveries impeded by stairs, elevators, steep or uneven surfaces, standing water, mud, or soft surfaces such as sand, loose gravel, etc.

Our delivery trucks can be quite large, so make sure your site is accessible to them.

Remember, the responsibility for the equipment remains with the customer from the time of delivery until the time of return. Ensure that the equipment is secure and protected from the weather when not in use.


Customer acknowledges that he/she has had the opportunity to personally inspect the rental items and finds it suitable for his/her needs and in good condition. Customer understands its proper use. Customer further acknowledges Customer's responsibility to inspect the rental items prior to use and to notify Luigis Rentals LLC of any defects prior to use, NOT AFTER THE EVENT. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the rental order. The Customer assumes responsibility for the rental equipment once the order has been charged and verified by their signature.


If the rental items become unsafe or deteriorate for any reason, the Customer agrees to discontinue use and notify Luigis Rentals LLC.

Luigis Rentals LLC is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by delay or otherwise, and Customer hereby waives any right or title thereto.


In the event that equipment provided by Luigis Rentals LLC is damaged or lost due to the actions of the customer, event attendees or personnel not employed by Luigis Rentals LLC, Customer agrees to pay for all repairs or replacements up to the full value of the lost or damaged items, including shipping and handling. Items not returned to Luigis Rentals LLC are billed at full replacement cost.

Please note that any damage to rental products will result in loss/damage fees being charged.

This damage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Damages for moving rentals that must remain stationary

Rental items not returned


Damage resulting from vandalism or intentional or inappropriate use

Damage resulting from failure to insure rental items during transport

Any damage resulting from the rollover

Any damages resulting from the use of the Rental Items in violation of any provision of this Agreement or violation of any law, ordinance or regulation. provision of this Agreement or violation of any law, ordinance or regulation.

Any damage due to weather

Any damage through third parties

Damage or loss will be assessed as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event. All visible damage will be photographed on site whenever possible.

Luigis Rentals LLC, will provide a documented damage/loss report with costs included within 3 days after the event. Customer must pay for the damage/loss upon receipt from Luigis Rentals LLC. Customer agrees to pay any additional charges if any theft or damage occurs.


All floral arrangements, trash and decorations of any kind must be removed from the tables and under the tent before the scheduled pick-up time. The customer assumes responsibility for all damage caused by decorations. Please note that some decorations may cause permanent damage to the tent, linens and other rental items. Ask if you are unsure about avoiding the cost of damage. Decorations should not affect the structural integrity of the tent. All chairs and tables should be stacked as delivered.


Table linens are inspected prior to pick up and upon return. Please note that fabric variations due to laundering, normal wear and differences in dye lot are part of the unique character of rental linens. Table linens should be returned food and particle free and should be shaken. Table linens are inspected prior to pick up and upon return. DO NOT ROLL OR PLACE WET CLOTHING IN ANY BAGS - mildew will occur. Return all linens dry and free of debris. DO NOT LAUNDER CLOTHING after use. Sheets returned with burns, holes, tears or permanently stained due to neglect will be billed at replacement cost.


Upon termination of this agreement, Customer shall return all rental items to Luigis Rentals LLC in the condition in which they were delivered to Customer. Customer shall be responsible for all damage or loss to the Equipment arising from its failure to be returned. Customer shall be responsible for all loss or damage to the Equipment from the time of delivery to Customer and until Luigis Rentals LLC picks up the Equipment.